Summer Collection

For our new summer collection I present a series of unique stone-set cuffs and organic pure bone earrings; taking inspiration from the artistic flowering of 1960s Africa and the origins of human artistic expression on the ancient cave walls in the Kolo Hills of East Africa.

The Fouché camel bone “Toro” earrings are finely carved and a natural by-product; set with precious African stones and featuring the traditional tribal batik process of wax-resistance. For our first of a series of “Kolo” cuffs we have crafted contemporary bangles from Ugandan cow horn; set with rare stone cabochons of agate, turquoise, jasper, and opal.

In my research for our summer collection I discovered so many stories that captured the energy of the early days of independence in many countries across Africa. I love the stories of Princess Elizabeth of Toro in Uganda, the third African woman to be admitted to the University of Cambridge, and the first woman to be admitted to the English Bar. As a lawyer, politician and international model she lived a fascinating life, becoming a friend of Princess Margaret and Jackie Onassis - who convinced her to move to New York City during the rein of Idi Amin in the 1970s.

This collection celebrates African heritage and the finest of African craftsmanship. The carved materials are produced as part of a fair-trade partnership with artisans in Nairobi, Kenya and finished to the highest quality in London.