Fouché by Philomena

Hotelier Philomena Schurer Merckoll describes her favourite piece of Fouché in situ at her boutique hotel Riad Mena & Beyond in Marrakech

Photos by Anson Low @ The Visionist

Photos by Anson Low @ The Visionist

Photos by Anson @ The Visionist

'My hotel is in Marrakech so we have been going to North Africa for over ten years. I love the energy of Marrakech, the smells, the sounds, its an amazing visual feast.' 

Photos by Richard Powers

'I travel a lot so what I love about Fouché jewellery is that it is perfect for dressing up or down. I can wear my cuff with a white t-shirt or kaftan when in Marrakech by day. At night I love wearing it over a simple black polo neck. Its a great piece to take with me on my travels since its so versatile and always adds the final touch to my outfit.

I met the founder and designer Claire through a mutual friend and was immediately struck by her effortless glamour which she has translated into statement pieces that can be dressed up or down, but always make an outfit.

I rarely wear jewellery so when I do it is pieces I am really drawn too. I love that Fouché cuffs have a sculptural and not just decorative feel to them and of course its always fun where everyone asks you where you got it from.'