Star Child - Maisha Foundation

David - @Star Child Avido on social media - as styled by himself with friend.

After leaving Fabergé in 2012 I co-founded the Maisha Foundation with Kathleen Hartigan. We had spent many years working on the ground in Kibera for our project 'Life in Kibera' that portrayed the life of people of the slum through photographs and paintings. The artwork was sold in London to raise funds for a local school in Kibera.  We met so many people during this time, documenting their stories and directing workshops at the school to teach children basic photography and drawing with the LIK artists. We also met so many talented and creative adolescents lacking opportunities to develop their skills and so it was at this time that we decided to start Maisha - meaning 'life' in Swahili.

Maisha is a grass-roots charity and all donations go directly to our cause. Every year we host an open interview day at the office of the MP for Kibera and take on as many of the strongest candidates as we can. This is where we met David for the first time 2 years ago. David is our first fashion design student and is now enrolled at the Bururburu Institute of Fine Arts in Nairobi. Maisha has allowed him to hone his skills in fashion and design as well as providing mentorship with our manager Japheth Okoth. We are now a team of four, with Nicholas Higgins acting as treasurer, and have doubled our intake of students over the past 12 months. The Maisha film below was shot in 2014 in Kibera -

'I am not a product of my circumstances...I am a product of my decisions' - David

David designs and creates all clothing himself from old fabrics and vintage clothes - styling his friends and classmates and sharing his passion for creativity amongst his community. 

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